The Story of Cinderella White

By: Anonymous

Once upon a time, there was a kind girl named Cinderella. Cinderella lived with her stepmother and her two stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella. They were very mean to Cinderella, making her work all day cleaning, sewing, and cooking. She tried her best to make them happy. Cinderella’s stepmother, Lady Tremaine, was cold, cruel, and jealous of Cinderella’s charm and beauty. She enjoyed giving Cinderella extra chores to do, such as bathing her cat, Lucifer.

One day, a messenger arrived with a special invitation. There was going to be a ball at the palace!  The King wanted his son to find a bride. Every young woman in the kingdom was invited, including Cinderella. Cinderella was very excited about the ball.. She found a dress in the attic that had belonged to her mother. It was old and a bit out of date but cinderella knew she could use her sewing skills to make it beautiful. However, Lady Tremaine did not want Cinderella to go to the ball. She wanted the Prince to meet only Anastasia and Drizella with the hopes that he would want to marry one of them! Lady Tremaine gave Cinderella busy work by assigning her countless chores that would take her all night to finish so should wouldnt have time to fix the dress. Little did they know, while Cinderella was working, the mice and birds fixed her dress! They added ribbons and sparkles and beads that were left over from the stepsisters dresses. Working together, the kind little animals turned that simple dress into a breathtaking gown. Cinderella was ecstatic when she saw what her friends have done! Now she could go to the ball!

When the Cinderella waltzed down the stairs and her stepsisters saw their old ribbon and beads on Cinderella’s dress, they flew into a rage, ripping the dress apart and demolishing poor Cinderella’s entire attire!  Lady Tremaine just stood by and watched her daughters make a mess of Cinderella’s work. Cinderella stormed upstairs to her attic bedroom, sobbing into her hands and laying, depressed on her cot. She laid there for hours while her wretched stepsisters and stepmother got all dolled up and left to go to the ball.

After time flew by, Cinderella realized that she couldn’t stand being treated this way anylonger. She thought thought through her options and realized that she could not live in this house anymore, she had nothing to stay for. She rapidly got up off of her cot and started packing a bag, first with all of the clothing she owns, then she went back down to the kitchen and grabbed dry food and rushed out of the back door right into the woods.

After scrambling, running through the woods at a rapid speed, Cinderella finally saw that it was falling dark and she had to find a place to rest her head, at least for this night. She looked off into the distance and saw a shimmering light in the distance. She walked towards it, slowly yet cautiously, trying to make out what exactly the light was coming from. She approached a small house with a big lamp standing in the front yard. They house was petite, yet homey looking, Cinderella decided to knock on the door to see if the homeowners would be nice enough to let her stay the night.

Cinderella rose her hand as she approached the front door, knocking ever so slightly. A millisecond later, the door crept open and standing in front of the distraught Cinderella, were seven small men. “Howdy!” they all greeted simultaneously. Cinderella, confused at what she has come across, “Hello, my name is Cinderella, I’m in a pretty sticky situation and I was wondering if you had a place for me to lay my head just for the night?” All fourteen eyes of those dwarves lit up in excitement, “A visitor!” they all applauded as they led Cinderella in through the little wood front door into their home.

The seven small fellas sat CInderella down in the kitchen and went to work, making her all different types of food and sweets! They all gathered around their fireplace and sang songs, and read a story before they all fell asleep.


The next morning Cinderella opened her eyes and and standing over her was a stranger, a woman around her age, with ivory skin and short,dark black hair, and eyes the color of the finest morning coffee, with a slight sparkle. “Good morning visitor” the woman said, with a sweet voice as smooth as silk. Cinderella, pleased with what she has woken up to, clears her throat and spits out, “Good morning, I am Cinderella.” The two exchange looks for quite a while, Snow admiring Cinderella’s vivid blond locks and crystal blue eyes. “Let’s get to work then!” Snow says as she hoisted Cinderella up out of the bed to her feet. She brings out a list of chores, more reasonable than her list at home by far, “You can help me with this?” Snow asks with a slightly demanding tone. Cinderella confidently nods her head to confirm. Doing chores are what she is good at and for some reason she just wants to make her new companion happy.  The two worked on the house all day while the seven little men were out doing their own work.

The two young ladies were from then on inseparable, spending every minute of everyday together, laughing and sharing stories and fantasies of their own. Over time they grew quite fond of each other, holding hands and sharing an occasional light kiss on the cheek. “She’s great!” Cinderella shares with one of the little men as she scrubs the kitchen floor, “I’ve never once met someone who I can feel so close with, I never want to leave.”. “She’s amazing!” Snow explains to another dwarf as she trims the hedges in the front yard, “If we want her to stay, something must be done.”

The next morning, as Cinderella opened her tired eyes, she saw snow standing over her again, quite like her first morning with them. Smiling, Snow grabs Cinderella and brings her up out of bed, “I have a surprise for you!” she yells as she leads Cinderella out to the back yard, covering her eyes with a handkerchief. “Okay open your eyes!” Snow screams as Cinderella uncovers her eyes and seeing what Snow had done for her.  The entire back yard was filled with white flowers and a little arch was in the far back with an isle of pink petals leading to it. The dwarves were all dressed up in little suits and two white dresses, simmering in the morning sunlight stood at the end of the isle. The morning dou was shining the grass and the far trees were rustling slightly win the faint spring breeze. “Wow what is all of this?” Cinderella questions as her jaw drops in awe. At that moment, Snow got down on one knee and pulled out a small ring from her apron, the way it shone in the light of the sun made it look like the most elegant piece of jewelry in the world. “You have been the best visitor we have ever had, I cannot imagine going another day without you in this house with me, I would like to make it official and share the rest of my life with you Cindy, will you marry me?” It took a moment for Cinderella to fathom what was happening, one day she was unloved and unwanted in her own home, and the next, she is worshiped and adored beyond recognition. Cinderella nodded her head in confirmation once again and they continued with the ceremony and lived happily ever after

The End


By: Anonymous

A potential flower remained inside its small, dark seed, packed down by dirt, ever since she was planted within the garden. The brown, heavy dirt became more and more packed down with each step a random stranger or wild animal would unknowingly take over her. She did not think too much of this,”surely enough I will be above the dirt and feeling the sunshine,” she said trying to reassure herself. Absorbing every rain droplet and ounce of sunshine, she was satisfied. “This is how you grow,” she said over and over still trying to help her confidence. However, she watched as every flower that surrounded her grow beautiful and vibrant with an array of colors and sizes, unlike the little seed who remained small and different from everyone else. With every flower that became beautiful, the seed felt more and more worthless; and her own confidence diminished. She allowed herself to sink down into the dirt and accepted she would never be like the others. But, with every droplet of water and ray of sunshine the seed unknowingly became bigger, stronger, and more beautiful. As she worried about those around her she did not see her own progress in becoming who she really is. Soon, the warmth of the sun and the breeze of the wind engrossed her. With her eyes widening and her smile taking up her entire face, she saw above the dirt and saw herself for what she became. While worrying about what others were doing and how they were doing, she forgot about her own progress and what she had potential in to become.  


The Oval Carpet

By: Elizabeth Parent

Sitting in his tiny square room, the little boy could just about do anything. He could fly, time travel, or he could even become invisible.  When he got home from school, the little boy ran quickly up to his room and opened the door to a million possibilities.  Crisscrossed upon the little oval carpet in the middle of the floor, he escaped life for awhile and closed his hopeful eyes.  Even with this magical world, however; there was still a reality out there that he couldn’t ignore.

In the room next to his he could recognize words he wasn’t supposed to say and sounds he wasn’t supposed to hear. He huddled into a ball as his mother cried to his father about a multitude of mistakes that were made.  After the yelling was over and done with, he’d inch towards the wall and press his curious ear up against the cold rough wood.  He’d fall asleep to his mother’s loud breathing as she sniffled herself to sleep.

The little boy realized not all rooms were like his.  His room was a wonderland of make believe happiness and treasures, while his mother’s was a prison of sorrow she couldn’t escape.  The little boy loved his mother to bits and pieces, so her misery made him unhappy.  This dreadful unhappiness was unshiftable even by that little oval carpet.  The boy, so broken from all of the sadness, wept into his pillow and stayed home from school.  His room metamorphosed into a dark barren of wasted dreams drifting in the air.

With all of her efforts, his mother couldn’t lift his heavy burden.  Every night the same terrors were heard and every day the boy grew a little more aware.  He realized soon what had to be done.  He picked up his weak and frail body, climbed down the carpeted stairs, and entered the kitchen where his mother sat slouched over a cold untouched cup of coffee.  She lifted her tired head so the bags beneath her bloodshot eyes were visible, her hair pulled into a knotted bun and roots shown.  Even with all of this, the boy realized, his mother was stunning.  He walked over silently and took her small hand into his. He guided her up to his magical carpet and sat with her, crisscrossed and daydreaming once again.  Him and his mother stayed for hours, flying through the clouds and waving to planes as they passed by.  Laughter echoed through their small house.

Every afternoon after school, the little boy and his mother sat upon his small oval carpet and dreamed up an eternity of happiness.  The sounds stopped at night, and instead of hearing tormented sniffles, he heard discussion between his mother and father of dreams they have, and places they wish to go.  He fell asleep with a smile on his face, ear pressed against the rough, but seemingly warmer wood.  

As the boy grew, he never forgot his rug that now sat in a box tucked in the closet.  Every once in awhile he/d dig into the tarnished cardboard and stroke the fabric inside.  Now, instead of dreaming to fly and time travel, he dreamt of having a family of his own, a son or daughter he could introduce the world of possibilities to.  

The little boy, who once sat upon a carpet dreaming, now sat on a small couch next to his noticeably older, but still beautiful mother.  Together they daydreamt of all the things that were still dreams, but never unreachable.  They laughed as his father broke out into a crazy dance and pretended he was a rock star with long messy hair and face paint.  In the back of the boy’s mind, he still remembered how it felt to be completely empty.  He knew his mother could never forget the words that were said, but every day he helped her pick up the pieces of regret and glue them into a picture of beauty.

Memories of laughter and love were present as the now grown man stepped into his childhood home.  He sat where his mother used to sit and closed his tearing eyes, remembering her smell and the sound of her soft, lovely voice.  He climbed up the carpeted stairs and went into his old closet where that ripped, ruffled cardboard box sat.  He picked it up, dusted it off, and left his empty childhood dream land, locking the front door of the house behind him.  

Journal 18

By: Katie Lacadie

Journal Entry: Fractured Fairy Tale: Cinderella Choice #3: Decides to run away while her Stepmother and sisters are at the ball

Beginning of story: All the maidens of the land were invited to the Prince’s ball. Cinderella was told she was not invited by her stepmother and sisters and she began to cry:

The moment she hears the carriage pull away, Cinderella throws down the broom and runs upstairs. Quickly, she packs what little she has left that her stepsisters haven’t stolen or ruined and runs to the stable. Without a second’s hesitation she mounts the horse and rides off towards the forest, finally free. She is not, however the only one trying to escape.

A prince, burdened with responsibility and an arranged marriage who felt trapped in a ballroom filled with people also rides through the forest, unsure of his destination. He slows his horse down by the river, to give the animal a break and a drink, knowing full well where he should be, yet also knowing that isn’t what he wants.

Cinderella has been travelling for some time now, and when she sees the river, she decides to set up camp for the night. It is then that she realizes someone has had the same idea. After awkward greetings and formalities, the prince offered her a seat by his fire. They sit together, sharing stories of running away from home.

Far in the distance, bells chime midnight and one might say that this was always meant to be.


By: Justin Woolley

When Justin was little he didn’t get to see his biological mother a lot, but one day she called him and said “I’m gonna come over in a couple days around 5 to see you”. Justin was so excited he was able to hang out with his little brother. When the day came, Justin was so ecstatic and as the day progressed he could not wait any longer. When the time came for his mother to arrive, he was so happy and couldn’t wait for her to get there, but as the time passed by, he ended up falling asleep. When he woke up the next morning, he realized that she never came. All sorts of emotions flowed over him and he started to cry, but the one emotion that he felt the most was disappointment. This feeling is worst feeling a you can have as a child and in that moment, I began to cry uncontrollably. But time went on as it always does, during which I continued to not see my mother. I got used to not having her around. Although this was a difficult time in my life, I consider it also to be a learning experience. It took some time, but I learned that not all adults disappoint you, and that you can trust people to be there for you. This is proof that time can in fact heal.  

An Out of this World Experience

By: Brianna Whitlock

Shooting, soaring through the pitch black sky, light up with fluorescent stars scattered across the atmosphere. My trip to this place was the only truly pure and good aspect of it. Home, where I’m from isn’t what most are use to. I’ve gone my whole life, homeschooled, in me small shelter on the northern hemisphere of Jupiter. My kind, usually of pale complexion, no need to eat, sleep,or breath, no one lies, no one loves, and no one dies. When I came to this place you call “Earth” I was disturbed by how different other living specimens could be.

My family and I just migrated to the Earth just a few days ago. We came in search of a new world. Our home planet was completely destroyed by an unknown source and we all had to flee to other planets. I liked the way we lived back home. It was what I was use to all of my life. We went out in the morning and did our daily yoga on the roof of the house to gain energy from our five suns. Then we all went inside and chatted with the family until it was time for education. At noon everyday, we would sing our planet’s anthem, loud and proud. At night when we would go out and socialize with all of the neighbors until the daylight struck again and we went back to do our yoga. However, at our new home, it is much different. They have to sleep and eat to charge their bodies, they believe in the strangest thing like a, “Higher Power”. They’re all obsessed with this concept of, “Love”, which I don’t know too much about, but it sounds pretty depressing to me.

Since we were going to be living on this planet now, mother said that we needed to learn to do things like the humans do, and that included going to public school. Going to human school was a completely horrific experience to me. No one likes you there. I got called a, “Freak” for doing my morning yoga and going outside to recite my anthem. I was taunted because of the formal way of my speak, “Anorexic” because I did not need to eat to be healthy like everyone else, and frankly, their food disgusted me. I became, “A disturbance” when my family and I strolled the streets at night looking for neighbors to converse with.    

I started to hate the way I was. I felt embarrassed by my family and where we came from. The others on this forsaken planet made me feel like it wasn’t okay to be who I am, like I didn’t belong anywhere nor even deserve to be on this planet. I stopped doing things that I loved to do, such as yelling my anthem at noon time. I forced myself to eat the grossum cow meat that that they love all so much, and drink the sugary liquids they all admire. I was turning into a being that I didn’t want to be, but I felt as though I needed to be in order to thrive on this planet. My mom started to notice the changes in me. She saw that I was no longer that proud, happy-go-lucky life form that I use to be. Whenever she’d ask, “What’s the matter?” I couldn’t give her a straight answer. This planet has ruined me.

 My parents sat me down one night and talked to me to try to change my depressed mindset, “Yes, we should try to fit in, but never forget our family tradition, don’t be ashamed of who we are because that is what makes us unique and wonderful.” I spent the rest of the night, alone, trying to remember who I was before I came here, how happy I was, and how proud I was to be from Jupiter. The next day, I got out of bed, went straight to the roof, and did my yoga for hours on end. At exactly noon, I screamed my Anthem, right in the middle of my fifth period algebra class, with no remorse.  I realized that who I am is an okay thing to be. No matter what anyone said I wanted to be me, I was proud to be me. If I, a strange alien from another world, could be comfortable with being who I am on this earth, anyone can!

Winter Mornings

By: Anonymous

There was nothing better than seeing the snow

Walking down the stairs and feeling the fire

Having that feeling of warmth and cold at the same time

Walking into the kitchen and smelling the cinnamon buns, long before I actually see them

My mom would always come out of her room so excited that we were awake

So ready to take on the day

Emma and I were barely awake,

But too hungry to deny the food

These mornings are still my favorite