Winter Mornings

By: Anonymous

There was nothing better than seeing the snow

Walking down the stairs and feeling the fire

Having that feeling of warmth and cold at the same time

Walking into the kitchen and smelling the cinnamon buns, long before I actually see them

My mom would always come out of her room so excited that we were awake

So ready to take on the day

Emma and I were barely awake,

But too hungry to deny the food

These mornings are still my favorite


By: Sarah O’Brien

I am a pair of jeans

Either worn by peasants or queens

The pants are the fad that will never go bad

Everyone wears jeans


Jeans aren’t amazing or fancy

On most days, they may be Plan C

After dresses and slacks are out of the facts

Jeans are the flipside you fancy


Jeans are strong and trusty

They don’t mind being dusty

When you spill your tea or fall on your knee

Jeans can be called trusty


Jeans do not differ from me

We both love warming thee

Whether on your shins or deeper than skin

You won’t regret wearing me

I Am

By: Melissa Chodzuitko

I am pink

Pink is a bright, happy color


Charming, romantic,cute

Sugar, spice, and everything nice

Pink just wants appreciation,respect,and admiration

Pink appreciates every thank you that they receive.

Pink lacks self worth. Pink lacks willpower.

Pink is needy. Pink is too emotional and cautious.

Pink also is in the red family, but people forget it.

Red means anger. Red means fear, negativity, resentfulness.

Pink is red.

But pink is not red.

Pink is trying to break away from red.

Pink is trying to adsorb the innocence and completion of white.


I Am

By: Savannah Snow

I am outgoing and honest

I wonder how my life will be like in ten years

I hear my dogs barking downstairs

I see my mom cooking dinner in the kitchen

I want to be a nurse when I’m older

I am outgoing and honest


I pretend to understand something in class sometimes

I feel happy after a workout at the gym

I touched my winged eyeliner pen to do my makeup

I worry seeing my parents struggle with money

I cry when I see someone really hurting

I am outgoing and honest

I understand my mom wants the best for me

I say things happen for a reason

I dream about living a long life

I try to get good grades in school

I hope to achieve all the goals I have for myself

I am outgoing and honest