The Story of Peter Pan

By: Lexi Escaleira

“Mother and father are going to a ball for father’s work, that is why the nanny is here” Wendy told her brothers.  Their parents knocked on the door.  “We’ve come to say goodnight” “Oh mother must you leave, why can’t father go alone?” he asked as the Darling parents walked into the room.  “Oh my sweet Michael, I will be there when you wake in the morning.  I love you all and I will see your beautiful faces in the early light, goodnight my sweet angels,” she said as she was walking toward the door.  “Goodnight mother, goodnight father,” they all say in unison.  The nanny enters after walking the Darlings out, “Okay children it is time for bed!  Put your pajamas on, brush your teeth and get into bed.”  The children did as they were told.  When they were all done they laid in bed while waiting to be tucked in by their nanny.  They shortly fell fast asleep.  

Suddenly there was a bright light that seemed to fill the entire room.  Wendy was woken up by the light but her brother didn’t seem to notice.  She walked slowly, toward the window.  When she finally reached the latch she touched it but quickly pulled back her hand, afraid of what would be lurking outside.  Once she gathered up the courage, Wendy opened the window and something flew in!  This something bounced off walls, her dresser, the beds until finally landing in the middle of the room on the floor.  “What was that? Was that a bug?”  “Tink is not a bug!  She’s a fairy!”  The voice frightened her, she turned around to face what spoke those words.  When she saw what was in that direction, she froze in complete shock.  It was a boy but he was floating outside her window.  “Hey I’m Pan, Peter Pan, but everyone usually calls me Pan”  “No one calls you that Peter!”  “And that’s Tinkerbell but I call her Tink.”  

“Where are you from Peter?”  “Well I’m from a land far away called Neverland.”  “Why is it called “Never-land”?”  “Because when you’re there you never age, you’re a kid forever.”  “But how is that possible? It can’t be true!”  “Oh but it is …?, you never did tell me your name.”  “I’m Wendy Darling, and those are my brothers John and Michael.”  “Nice to meet you.  If ya want I could take you to Neverland with me?”  “Oh boy really? You would do that gollie!!”  She starts running around the room to her brothers’ beds.  “John! Michael! Wake up you two!! We’re going to Neverland!”  “What are you talking about Wendy?” asked John, “Is mother home yet?” asked Michael.  “Peter Pan is going to take us to Neverland”  “Who?”  “Me”  “Oh hello, my name is John and this Michael”  “Okay gather around all,  if you want to go to Neverland then you will need some pixie dust.”  “Pixie dust? What for?”  “Well, Michael the only way to get to Neverland is to fly and Pixie dust helps us do that.”  They all gather in the middle of the Darling’s bedroom.  “Alright the only way it’ll work is if you believe in Fairies.”  “Believe in fairies? I don’t even believe this is all happening!”  “John! Didn’t mother ever teach you your manners?, I believe Peter” said Wendy.  “I believe Peter!” said Michael.  “Okay, okay I believe too” said John.  And so Tinkerbell poured the dust all over the children and Peter.  “So when will we fly Peter?”  “As soon as you open your eyes Wendy.”  She opened her eyes and looked down, a smile filled her face.  She was flying, as she scanned the room she saw everyone was flying.  “Alright Darlings follow me to Neverland, it’s the second star to the right and straight on till morning.”

It wasn’t the most graceful landing but they made it to Neverland.  Peter held out his hand to help her.  “Such a gentleman” Wendy thought.  When everyone found each other Peter introduced them to the Lost boys.  They were a group of maybe 50 boys ranging in the ages 5-12.  Wendy thought to herself “where are their mothers? and why are they so dirty?”  The boys were scared, they had never seen a girl before.  “Boys this is Wendy Darling and her brothers John and Michael they’re gonna be joining us.”  “Boys why don’t you take John and Michael on a tour of the island?”  “Sure Peter come on guys!”  Once the lost boys and the Darling boys were gone Peter turned to Wendy.  “So I wanna show you Neverland but I wanted to be alone, is that ok?”  Wendy smiled “Of course it is Peter,” she said while taking his hand in hers.  She looked up at him and  she could see he was blushing.  They spent hours and hours walking all over the island.  She climbed rocks, swam with mermaids, met a few animals and fell more in love with Peter Pan.  At the end of his tour they sat on the highest rock in Neverland and watched as the sun set.  “Did you have fun today Wendy?”  Wendy thought to herself before answering “I had a marvelous day, thank you for showing me your island.”  “You know? Everyday can be like this…”  “What do you mean?”  “Well if you stayed here, you know, with me…I mean the lost boys…umm yeah they want you to stay.”  “Oh just the lost boys? Well what do you want Peter?”  “What do I want? Well umm…I want you…to uhh…… with me, yeah that’s what I want,”  Peter looked up at her with such confidence and pride that he said what had been floating in his mind since he met Wendy.  She smiled and without even thinking twice she kissed him.

The boys caught up to them, only to find them “Ewwww” they all say in unison.  The couple breaks apart trying to get their bearings.  “Uhh you boys are back early.”  “I guess not early enough” one boy said.  “I have good news boys…Wendy is staying in Neverland!”  “Does that mean you’re gonna be our mother?” a young lost boy asked Wendy.  She looked taken aback, “I’m too young to be your mother, I don’t think I’d be any good, besides you all have mothers anyway and I bet they miss you terribly.”  “No our mothers don’t remember us,” “they don’t want us anymore,” “that’s why we’re here in Neverland with Peter! This is where we belong!”  “Are you gonna stay with us Wendy?” “Oh please stay, please be our mother.”  “Come on Wendy you gotta stay here with me…I mean us yeah um.. For the boys yeah the boys really want you to stay.”  “Peter I want to stay but I have a family, our parents are probably worried sick by now, wondering where John, Michael and I are.”  “So you lied to me? You said you wanted to stay..”  “Peter I want to stay but it’s not responsible, I have to go.”  Peter was silent “But I want you to stay with me, we can stay here forever, never age never be grown ups and you can be the boys’ mother and teach them everything they need to know and we can be together Wendy.”  “I’m sorry Peter but I have to go home, we will leave in the morning, I’m sorry.”

They all went to sleep for the night, the lost boys, John and Michael were sad, but fell asleep fast, Wendy and Peter cried themselves to sleep thinking of how different their life would be after the other was gone.  


“What happened?”

“She’s awake!! Wendy is awake”

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