Little Red

By: Juliana Rivera

Once upon a time in the big apple, there lived a girl. She was pretty and short with long locks of ginger hair. These traits granted her the nickname, Little Red.


Everyday Little Red would wake up at the ungodly hour of 5am to head to school 5 blocks away from her tiny apartment. After her courses she would eat lunch for 20 minutes in Bryant Park  and then take the subway uptown to work. Little Red worked in the biggest most beautiful department store there was; Saks Fifth Avenue. She worked on the fifth floor where the evening gowns were sold.


After work on Fridays, Little Red would visit her grandmother, the only relative she had in the city. Little Red would tell her grandmother about her day and bring her a small pepperoni pizza to share.


One Friday evening after selling numerous gowns by Monique Lhuillier and Adrianna Papel, Little Red hopped on the 1 train to go downtown. She sat on the subway with her pepperoni pizza listening to her favorite song.

Across from her sat a man with a scruffy beard and a baseball cap. She felt his eyes watching her. Little Red decided to ignore him.


Little Red paid no mind to the man sitting across from her until he moved to the seat next to her.

She tried hard to look invisible so the man wouldn’t speak to her but-


“What are you listening to?” He asked

Little Red answered and the man continued asking more and more questions

Little Red answered and the man suggested that he should walk with her to her grandmother’s apartment.

“The city is a dangerous place at this time of night” He said


Little Red told him there was no need and go off her stop, leaving the man behind.


She walked a couple blocks and noticed a familiar face following her. It was the man from the subway who asked her all the questions. Little Red had a bad feeling.

The man kept his distance but continued to follow her.  She began walking faster and taking quicker turns, but every time she looked back the man was still there.


At last, Little Red made it to her grandmother’s apartment building. She look behind her as soon as she entered the front door and the man was nowhere to be seen. Little Red too a long deep breath and immediately felt safe again.

Little Red made it up the stairs to the fifth floor and knocked on apartment 121. She knocked 4 times but the door was unlocked and creaked open from the force of each one.

“Granny?” Little Red called as she walked inside. She set the pizza down on the small kitchen counter. The apartment was dim and silent. Little Red made her way to her grandmother’s bedroom. She knocked on the door frame.

“Oh hello, dear” A voice said in the darkness.

“Granny?” Little Red asked, “Are you alright? Why are the lights all out?”

Granny just said, “Come closer, dear”

Little Red stepped over to the bedside and saw the shadows of her grandmother’s face. She was shocked by how strange she looked.


“Granny, your eyes,” Little Red said “your ears and nose. Your mouth…are you alright?”

Granny began to rise from her bed. She was abnormally larger than she should’ve been. She loomed over Little Red and said in a deep voice,

“Of course, dear.”


Little Red recognized the voice and the face of the man who was following her off the subway. Before she could scream, the man grabbed her by the shirt and began strangling her. After a terrifying struggle, Little Red managed to reach in her back pocket and take out her mace. She aimed at the mans dark eyes and sprayed.


“Ahhh my eyes!” He yelled. He let go of her to rub his eyes. Little Red threw him off granny’s bed and kicked him in the groin with her steel toed Doc Martins. The man yelped and fell to the ground.

Little Red tied him up with the bed sheets and sat him on an arm chair.


“Where’s my grandmother?!” She yelled as she dialled 911 on her cellphone.

The man just moaned and pointed to the small closet behind Little Red. She bolted to the door and found her grandmother tied up and gagged on the ground. Little Red freed her granny and the embraced until the police arrived.


“Ahh, Mr. Donovan Wolf,” One officer said to Little Red, “The fellow has quite the record. We’ve been looking for him for a while. You’ve done well, young lady.”

The two officers carried the man, now known as Donovan Wolf, out of the apartment.


Little Red and her granny waved goodbye to them while enjoying their small pepperoni pizza together at last.


The End

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