If Walls Could Talk – Rapunzel

By: Libby Parent

Here I sit, day after day waiting for someone to rescue me.  I’m bound to this structure of cement and brick with no voice to speak out for help.  I am hollow inside, and am slowly rusting away.  Bricks come loose and beg to fall to the ground hundreds of feet beneath where I stand.  I wish to do the same.  

She sings out from my window, begging for her savior to hear her.  She’s trapped too, only she has a way out.  She doesn’t wish to be with me, as i don’t wish to be with her.  She is forced into this life with neither cement nor bricks but a living force.  Everyday she lets down her long hair for this woman who owns her free will.  She wishes to gain some back but time and time again she is left in anguish.  

Moss grows more abundantly on the sides of my body, it is nearly impossible to see my bricks shine anymore, I feel dirty and old.  How I wish to end this pain.  Rapunzel in her tower sings out, her beautiful voice broken from crying, I can tell she’s giving up.  She wishes to leave, to escape agony and pain.  I try to comfort her as she weeps but she can never hear me through her gasps and sharp breaths.  She punches me and smacks me, trying to break me down; if only she were stronger.  

“Rapunzel, let down your long hair!”  This phrase is repeated everyday by an old witches voice, her sound screeches through the trees and echoes through the forest.  Today, the phrase sung from beneath us, only it was less raspy, and far less witchy.  Rapunzel let down her knotted long hair and awaited her evil guardian, but the face she saw was neither evil nor old, it was young, and kind.  A prince, agile and free.  She let out a shriek of terror, she had never spoken to a man before let alone a prince.  He spoke softly yet confidently, he was a friend not a tormentor.  Even though he couldn’t hear me,  I whispered, “Rescue her, she wishes to leave.”  

As I creak and groan I wonder how it would feel to move, stretch, and rest at last.  “Rapunzel, let down your long hair,” the prince sang from below me.  Hair comes gliding down, I could feel Rapunzel’s heartbeat getting louder every tug he took.  “I wish to go with you, take me away,” she cried as she buried herself within his chest.  “Bring a piece of silk with you everyday, I’ll make a ladder and we can leave this tower.”  

Every day her ladder grew, and everyday I envied her a little more.  “Rapunzel, let down your long hair,” the witch shrieked, it was a yell so loud it rustled the moss on my sides.  “Tell me how it is you are so heavy to pull up while the king’s son is so light,”  Rapunzel queried.  I heard a slap, and a yell.  Rapunzel fell to the ground and wept.  I heard snips and cries as the wretched witch cut off her long braided hair.  The witch dragged Rapunzel away from me, I could feel her hands claw at my sides.

Just as she took her first step on the ground,  I could feel my body of bricks and cement cracking and breaking.  One by one bricks tumbled out,  the moss holding my body together seemed to melt away, no longer needing to hold my structure.  The witch yelled as I fell on top of her, ending her reine once and for all.  Rapunzel cried as she held pieces of me, we had been together for so long she has no choice, but to mourn my loss.  For the first and last time, she heard me say, “I’m free, don’t mourn me.  Im finally happy.”

Rapunzel and all her beauty ran off in search of the only man she had ever loved.  We are both free and happy.  We rule over ourselves now.  

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