By: Anonymous

A potential flower remained inside its small, dark seed, packed down by dirt, ever since she was planted within the garden. The brown, heavy dirt became more and more packed down with each step a random stranger or wild animal would unknowingly take over her. She did not think too much of this,”surely enough I will be above the dirt and feeling the sunshine,” she said trying to reassure herself. Absorbing every rain droplet and ounce of sunshine, she was satisfied. “This is how you grow,” she said over and over still trying to help her confidence. However, she watched as every flower that surrounded her grow beautiful and vibrant with an array of colors and sizes, unlike the little seed who remained small and different from everyone else. With every flower that became beautiful, the seed felt more and more worthless; and her own confidence diminished. She allowed herself to sink down into the dirt and accepted she would never be like the others. But, with every droplet of water and ray of sunshine the seed unknowingly became bigger, stronger, and more beautiful. As she worried about those around her she did not see her own progress in becoming who she really is. Soon, the warmth of the sun and the breeze of the wind engrossed her. With her eyes widening and her smile taking up her entire face, she saw above the dirt and saw herself for what she became. While worrying about what others were doing and how they were doing, she forgot about her own progress and what she had potential in to become.  


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