Journal 18

By: Katie Lacadie

Journal Entry: Fractured Fairy Tale: Cinderella Choice #3: Decides to run away while her Stepmother and sisters are at the ball

Beginning of story: All the maidens of the land were invited to the Prince’s ball. Cinderella was told she was not invited by her stepmother and sisters and she began to cry:

The moment she hears the carriage pull away, Cinderella throws down the broom and runs upstairs. Quickly, she packs what little she has left that her stepsisters haven’t stolen or ruined and runs to the stable. Without a second’s hesitation she mounts the horse and rides off towards the forest, finally free. She is not, however the only one trying to escape.

A prince, burdened with responsibility and an arranged marriage who felt trapped in a ballroom filled with people also rides through the forest, unsure of his destination. He slows his horse down by the river, to give the animal a break and a drink, knowing full well where he should be, yet also knowing that isn’t what he wants.

Cinderella has been travelling for some time now, and when she sees the river, she decides to set up camp for the night. It is then that she realizes someone has had the same idea. After awkward greetings and formalities, the prince offered her a seat by his fire. They sit together, sharing stories of running away from home.

Far in the distance, bells chime midnight and one might say that this was always meant to be.

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