An Out of this World Experience

By: Brianna Whitlock

Shooting, soaring through the pitch black sky, light up with fluorescent stars scattered across the atmosphere. My trip to this place was the only truly pure and good aspect of it. Home, where I’m from isn’t what most are use to. I’ve gone my whole life, homeschooled, in me small shelter on the northern hemisphere of Jupiter. My kind, usually of pale complexion, no need to eat, sleep,or breath, no one lies, no one loves, and no one dies. When I came to this place you call “Earth” I was disturbed by how different other living specimens could be.

My family and I just migrated to the Earth just a few days ago. We came in search of a new world. Our home planet was completely destroyed by an unknown source and we all had to flee to other planets. I liked the way we lived back home. It was what I was use to all of my life. We went out in the morning and did our daily yoga on the roof of the house to gain energy from our five suns. Then we all went inside and chatted with the family until it was time for education. At noon everyday, we would sing our planet’s anthem, loud and proud. At night when we would go out and socialize with all of the neighbors until the daylight struck again and we went back to do our yoga. However, at our new home, it is much different. They have to sleep and eat to charge their bodies, they believe in the strangest thing like a, “Higher Power”. They’re all obsessed with this concept of, “Love”, which I don’t know too much about, but it sounds pretty depressing to me.

Since we were going to be living on this planet now, mother said that we needed to learn to do things like the humans do, and that included going to public school. Going to human school was a completely horrific experience to me. No one likes you there. I got called a, “Freak” for doing my morning yoga and going outside to recite my anthem. I was taunted because of the formal way of my speak, “Anorexic” because I did not need to eat to be healthy like everyone else, and frankly, their food disgusted me. I became, “A disturbance” when my family and I strolled the streets at night looking for neighbors to converse with.    

I started to hate the way I was. I felt embarrassed by my family and where we came from. The others on this forsaken planet made me feel like it wasn’t okay to be who I am, like I didn’t belong anywhere nor even deserve to be on this planet. I stopped doing things that I loved to do, such as yelling my anthem at noon time. I forced myself to eat the grossum cow meat that that they love all so much, and drink the sugary liquids they all admire. I was turning into a being that I didn’t want to be, but I felt as though I needed to be in order to thrive on this planet. My mom started to notice the changes in me. She saw that I was no longer that proud, happy-go-lucky life form that I use to be. Whenever she’d ask, “What’s the matter?” I couldn’t give her a straight answer. This planet has ruined me.

 My parents sat me down one night and talked to me to try to change my depressed mindset, “Yes, we should try to fit in, but never forget our family tradition, don’t be ashamed of who we are because that is what makes us unique and wonderful.” I spent the rest of the night, alone, trying to remember who I was before I came here, how happy I was, and how proud I was to be from Jupiter. The next day, I got out of bed, went straight to the roof, and did my yoga for hours on end. At exactly noon, I screamed my Anthem, right in the middle of my fifth period algebra class, with no remorse.  I realized that who I am is an okay thing to be. No matter what anyone said I wanted to be me, I was proud to be me. If I, a strange alien from another world, could be comfortable with being who I am on this earth, anyone can!

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